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EMDR is an experiential treatment that helps to make sense of our patterns and bring the unconscious conscious through targeting negative earlier experiences with bilateral stimulation. You will be assigned to one of three seasoned EMDR therapists that will guide you through your individualized EMDR experiences.  After your initial screening, you will be scheduled for a 90-minute session at the Center for Insight and Connection in Lisle, IL before the retreat to connect with your therapist so she can get a better idea of your goals for the retreat, prepare you for your EMDR experience and help you identify a relevant memories to target during your retreat.  You will have the option to continue working with your therapist weekly at the Center for Insight and Connection, if you determine that you want to continue your work.  During the retreat you will have two 90-minute individual sessions with your therapist where you will target your identified memory or memories specifically.  This will happen on Saturday October 1st.  Participants that do not live in Illinois can have the option for telehealth for the first session associated with the EMDR experience however must be able to travel to Illinois if further treatment is desired with your therapist.




Patty Dirilten LCSW CADC EMDR Certified EMDR Approved Consultant
Patty has worked with children, families and adults for over 20 years in settings from community mental health and schools to outpatient substance abuse treatment. Patty has been doing EMDR since 2016.  She loves to utilize EMDR to treat underlying attachment issues that can lead to relationship conflict, addiction, depression complex PTSD and anxiety. She is a seasoned therapist and connects warmly with her clients.  She is very passionate about her work and feels like it is her purpose to help clients move through the pain of the past to render symptom relief in the present.  


Jessica McCormack LMFT EMDR Trained
Jessica has worked in a variety of settings including crisis intervention, non-profit outpatient community health and for the past seven years in private practice.  She was introduced to EMDR in 2018 and received formal training in it in March of 2020.  Since integrating EMDR into her practice, Jessica has seen deeper healing and development in her clients as a result of getting to the root of presenting issues.   Integrating EMDR into attachment work is one of her specialties. She is passionate about this process and looks forward to working with you!


Alison Graft LCSW
Alison has had extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings. Alison specializes in work with complicated grief, chronic illness, LGBTQ challenges, trauma, depression and anxiety.  Since her EMDR training in 2019, she has been able to bring many people deep relief from their inner pain using this incredible model.  




Nestled within acres of private woods and hiking trails, The Eagle’s Nest is a 12,000 square foot home with 8 bedrooms, 14 king sized beds and huge windows to provide natural light and panoramic views of grounding nature.  Most of our guests will share a room with one other guest.  There are 9.5 bathrooms with jetted tubs and an outside hot tub for soaking after a long day of retreat activities.  This space is perfect for a group retreat as it allows for a combination of activities that will encourage private time for solace, being and thinking as well as group activities such as hiking and connecting to support the growth that will onboard during your experience. 




Nourishment as part of the retreat experience will be provided by Southernish.  Southernish is more than just catering; it is an experience of food to help connect you with nature in the most delectable manner possible!  Chef Joe will be making all meals.  Breakfast and lunch presentations will allow for more flexibility and dinner will be a more formal presentation of Chef Joe’s masterpieces!  Dinner will be more formal in presentation as everyone will sit together for connection, but attire will be casual.  A sober experience of self during the retreat is encouraged as it will help onboard the healing so alcohol will not be served and is encouraged to be left at home.  This includes marijuana as well.  Special food sensitivities, allergies and preferences will be accommodated to the best of Chef Joe’s abilities. Please let us know before hand if you have special food needs or requests. 




Noreen Vence

Number of years Teaching: 23 years

Certifications: Temple of Kriya Yoga 200Hr, Moksha Yoga 200Hr, Himalayan Institute Ayurveda Specialist, Rod Stryker Yoga Nidra, Face Yoga Instructor, Core Power & Cardio Yoga Fitness.

Noreen cares about you feeling a deep sense of wholeness. The parts of yourself that have been quiet or numb find a way to vibrancy and are cared for so that you may experience all of who you are with the kindness and intelligence that lies within you. Noreen has a fascination regarding how the movement of the body is influenced day by day by emotions, diet and exercise and sleep habits. 

Noreen has spent a lifetime becoming proficient at this skill and continues to share this with hundreds of students.


Hiking Boots

Hiking experiences within the nearby acreage offered by The Eagles Nest will be a part of the itinerary.  These experiences will be led by either one of the therapists or the yoga teacher Saturday and Sunday and will be appropriate for all levels of hikers. Please see itinerary for more information



Participants will arrive at 4pm.  This will be a time to meet everyone and get settled.  Our therapists will have a chance to speak about adverse experiences, how they inform the present and EMDR.  The therapists will lead a group exercise followed by a sit down dinner presented by Chef Joe.  A yoga experience will be offered by Noreen to help move you into a resting state for sleep.

Participants will begin the day early with breakfast about 7am. Individual EMDR interventions will run throughout the day with each participant having two 90- minute sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Hiking and yoga experiences will run alongside these sessions throughout the day.  Lunch will be served around midday.  This intensive day will end around 6 followed by another beautiful dinner presented by Chef Joe at around 7.  Yoga will follow to allow for a peaceful night of rest.

Participants will get a bit of a later start with breakfast being served at 8am followed by some group processing of the experience.  Check-out will be at 11.  



Comfortable comfy layers are what this retreat is all about!  We will be both inside and outside even if it is cold so, please come with proper layers and outerwear.  You will likely be sharing a space with another participant so please note privacy when packing for sleepwear.  Towels and linens are provided for you.  Here are some additional items you may want to pack:


Bug spray

OTC medications and or first aid products

Personal hygiene products

Prescription medications



We ask that you do not attend the retreat if you are feeling ill.  A full refund will be offered to you in the event that you test positive for Covid-19 and can present a positive Covid-19 test within 7 days of the beginning of the retreat.



Cancelation up to 60 days before the event will be refunded in full.  Cancellation within 60 days of the event will result in a 50% refund unless provided with a positive Covid-19 test 7 days before the start of the event. 



This retreat is intended for deeper work and healing and is directly linked to the individual goals of the participants.  We ask that all participants respect one another and the general intent of the retreat. As a result, we ask participants not to bring any mood-altering substances with them and to have expectations of themselves that are in line with the expectations of the retreat.  Although we do not anticipate the need to do so, we do reserve the right to ask those we determine are being disruptive to the retreat experience to leave.  A contract to confirm this understanding as well as a waiver of liability will be provided for you during your first session with your therapist.



Please contact Kam at The Center for Insight and Connection at (630) 201-2856 or

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