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First Responder Mental Health Services

Annual Behavioral Health Reviews (ABHR)

These mental health check-ups are 60-90-minute appointments to help first responders determine how they are doing mentally and if they need any mental health support.  These “check-ups” help to decrease mental health stigma as well as introduce first responders to qualified mental health professionals who have been specially trained in first responder culture.  All mental health professionals who facilitate these ABHRs complete a fellowship that is guided by the clinical director who has been working with first responders since 2017.  Please feel free to call us to find out more.

Mental Health Presentations

As mental health is talked more about in the first responder world, the option to have an expert on mental health and first responders come and speak to all personnel is a great option.  These presentations can be done for shifts as well as for family members and spouses as the culture of the fire service presents particular issues for marriages, partnerships, and families.  Our specially trained mental health team can create presentations based on the specific needs of a department.  Please feel free to call us to find out more.


CISD Mental Health Processing

Mental health symptoms like anxiety, isolation, binge drinking, and anger can surge after a critical incident.  EMDR and process group work can help mitigate the severity of these symptoms as well as prevent the development of PTSD if that critical incident is attended to within days of the incident.  The team at CIC is very interested in responding promptly to crew members who experienced a critical incident.  Please call us to find out more.


Mental Health Consultation For Special Circumstances

The Center for Insight and Connection has a small team of therapists led by Patty Dirilten.  If you have specific needs that are not included in the above services, please do not hesitate to reach out for Patty specifically to discuss your mental health need and she will work with you directly to determine the best course of action for your needs. Please call us to find out more.


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