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EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation During Basic Training

Patty Dirilten is an EMDRIA-approved consultant and is also a Facilitator with the EMDR Institute.  Consultation during basic training is mostly offered in groups but can be offered individually.  Please reach out to Patty directly to see if any groups are running or upcoming that you can sign up for.


EMDR Consultation For EMDR Certification

Certification in EMDR is an important step needed to integrate all that great learning of what EMDR is into what you are already doing with your clients.  Patty has a very specific program set up for you to move through that will render you more confident as well as fluid in the application of EMDR and the AIP model with your clients.  Starting with one consultant and sticking with this same person throughout the process is imperative to the learning objectives inherent in EMDR consultation.  Patty’s program includes 10 individual consultations and then moves candidates when they are ready into a group for the last 10 consultations.  Please reach out to Patty specifically for more information. 


EMDR Consultation For Consultants-In-Training

Patty has a program set up for those of you who would like to move on to the next step after certification and become consultants.  Please reach out to Patty specifically for more information.


Drop-In Consultations

If you are not quite ready to commit to certification or you have been certified already but need some consultation on a particular case, you can reach out to Patty to schedule just one consultation. 


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