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About Us

About Us

I created the Center for Insight and Connection out of a place of great passion, vision and hope. I have been working to help support people for over half my life. In the last decade, I have deepened my understanding of how to help others in a much more effective manner and this has affected changes in my clients that they never thought possible. These changes within my clients then have a profound effect on their relationships moving forward, breaking cycles that have been present for generations. Having been a part of these experiences, my work has become a purpose.


This is the mission of The Center for Insight and Connection, to bring the compounding changes that I am seeing in my office to as many people as possible. I have aligned myself with other therapists that share my vision and together we plan to provide therapy that creates real long-lasting change and ends suffering. I provide consultation to therapists to learn how to help people experience the same profound changes that I have come to know possible. I have plans to align with the community to educate about the type of therapy that works and to provide free early intervention services when tragedy strikes our communities.


I look forward to giving you an opportunity to have these same powerful experiences through the connection with either myself or one of the amazing therapists working at the Center for Insight and Connection.

Patty DiriltenLicensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor (CADC) and EMDR certified


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